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Challenges for the Future

South African Economy is nearing Recession and shows little growth
Training of Healthcare Professionals is now no longer on standard
Retention of Healthcare Professionals in Private and Public Sector
Deteriorating Public Sector Governance & Management Delivery
Deteriorating quality of Public Sector’s quality of Healthcare
What will be the impact of Office of Healthcare Standards Compliance (OHSC)
Increased Malpractice Insurance Premiums and Claims not sustainable
Reintroduction of the Certificate of Need (CON)
Price Regulation for Private Healthcare
Competition Commission probe into Private Healthcare
Change in HPCSA Ethical Rules to improve competition in Healthcare
Doctors Employment by Hospitals remains a challenge and threat
Multi Disciplinary practices across various Professional Boards
Independence of CMS & HPCSA is a concern –HPCSA MTT Report quite damning
Changes to Medical Schemes Act –PMB & Other
NHI White Paper -2016 and new time frames
Role of the BHF -want to rebuild its image –issue tariffs –re-enter Reg 8 Debate
Coordination of patient care to be a new Focus
Eliminating waste, abuse & fraud in the delivery system –Private and Public