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PPREV May 2022
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The duty of confidentiality towards deceased patients
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HealthMan New Years Newsletter
HealthMan Private Practice Review January 2022
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Summary of Financial Highlights 2021
CMS Circular 66.21
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2021CMS Report
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Competition Commission sets sights on Covid test prices
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OPINION: Rogue regulations will deepen the rot in Compensation Fund Tim Hughes | Business Day | 23 September 2021
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Why SA Healthcare Providers Need to Adopt Long-Term Telehealth Strategies – IT – 22 July 2021
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Vacancy Bulletin
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Quick Guide to Provisional Tax
MediAdvance Provisional Tax
Neuro-psychological effects of Covid-19
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electronic rekord keeping
Discovery Healthcare professional practice management
Discovery Prepare for Popia
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Pandemic highlights role of technology
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SA prepares for next phase of NHI
Busting the NHI myth
Alternative solutions for NHI
HealthMan PPREV2 May 2021
NHI Twilight Zone
SA-born billionaire is a man with a plan
SA born billionaire a man with a plan
PSG May 2021
Private Practice Review May 2021
Vacancy for Psychiatrist at George Hospital
Why SA stopped making vaccinew
Pandemican opportunity for GPs to play a bigger role in primary care
SIU finds legal pratitioner corruption
Influence of digital technology on healthcare
HealthMan PPREV2 April 2021
Top TenTips - PSG
Top Ten Tips - PSG
Prof De Villiers on Rising health Fees
Waiting in the dark
Private Practice Review2 March 2021
PPREV March 2022
PSG Leaving a Legacy
Given the perilous condition of state healthcare, the NHI might finally kill it
C-19 plan looks like it has failed - BusinesTech 17 March
Special Note: Bay of Plenty
Special Not SASOP Specialist vacancy
HP Block ad
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PPREV March 2021
HealthMan PPREV2 2021
Health Budget slashed
Medical billing sector threatened with extinction by amendment bill
Changing of the guard
Broken fund needs fixers
The minefield of saving lives
Whose medical aid is it anyway
Private Practice Review February 2021
Treasury holds up vaccine contracts
Should I give myself ivermectin?
It’s not ‘vaccine nationalism,’ that’s the problem, Mr President…
PPREV2 January 2021
2021 – Likely another year of promises lacking delivery
CMS Quarterly Report for 30 September 2020
CMS Report an Overview
Vaccine Plan as clear as mud
S59 Interim Report Release
SCA opens the door to curbing malicious HPCSA complainants -Medical Brief 9 December 2020
Private Practice Review3 December 2020
Permit to perform Essential or Permitted Service
Permit Form7
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The Silent Pandemic
Covax plan boosts C-19 vaccine
Combat Corruption
Private Prectice Review July - December 2020
Where is SA's vaccinating plan
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Private Practice Review November 2020
These universal health coverage scenarios provide viable ways to reach goals – Business Day (1November 2020)
Covid-19 exposes NHI fault lines
Five things the mid-term budget tells us about the healthcare system
How to steal a health department
Private Practice Review2 October 2020
Medical Cover Options for 2021
Can SA afford NHI
Private Practice Review October 2020
Power grab or tying loose ends?
R2-bn PPE Scandal involves hundreds of unlicensed suppliers
Hear no evil: Mkhize axes the critics from his expert’s panel
Competition Commission gets private healthcare reform ball rolling
Private Practice Review2 September 2020
ENT Consultant
NHI - The politicking continues unabated
Private Practice Review September 2020
What PPE Graft Means for NHI - 10 September 2020
R5-bn Linked to C-19 Procurement Corruption - 27 August 2020
Responses to COVID-19 'Fear Driven' - 27 August 2020
COVID-19 Wiped out Third of SA Middle Class - 25 August 2020
Private Practice Review August 2020
Pandemic inflicts unkind cut on patients
Surgicom update on Financial Solutions for Cash-Strapped Private Practices
Private Practice Review - 2 August 2020
Private Practice Review July 2020
SA comparatively recording new Covid cases at highest global rate – but mortality remains among lowest
C-19 in SA- Predictions versus reality
The fight over a coronavirus vaccine will get ugly
Is COVID doing Government’s NHI plans any favours
Covid-19 drives private health sector to the brink
Beware armchair analysis of Covid-19 figures
Private Practice Review Jan - June 2020
COVID-19 will permanently change healthcare
Other diseases cannot be put on hold
More news on Government Jan - June 2020
More news on medical aids Jan - Jun 2020
OSSA - Recommend Protocols when Scheduling or Seeing Patients (30 April 2020)
Private Practice Review May 2020
We have not 'flattened the curve' and our current trajectory is very concerning by Alex van den Heever (10 May 2020)
ICT Regulations
Surgicom Guidelines
Making Sense of a Pandemic - Adrian Gore (7 May 2020)
Mediclinic Update
Private Practice Review 2 April 2020
Helena Wasserman
The Citizen
Private Practoce Review 2020
Private Practice Review January 2020
Private Practice Review January 2020 (Special Edition)
December 2019 Private Practice Review
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NHI Bill rattles economy
Pharma Retailers
Practicalities of NHI implementation have yet to be spelt out
Private Practice Review - November 2019
NHI Implementation
CMS report (overview)
Alex van den Heever on HMI
Alex van den Heever on HMI
M&G on MHI
Russel Rensburg in PPREV September 2019
Andrew Briggs
Social Media Guidelines
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