44 experts to design details of NHI scheme

04 Aug 2022

Nicholas Crisp, the Deputy Director-General in the Health Department told attendants of the Hospital Association of South Africa’s (HASA) annual conference that 44 new National Health Insurance (NHI) positions, based at the national health department head office in Tshwane, will be advertised in the coming weeks and filled by January 2023. - Mia Malan, Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism (4 August 2022),
“Treasury has given permission for R30-m of this financial year’s NHI budget to be used for salaries for the new posts, according to Nicholas Crisp, the deputy director-general in the Health Department responsible for the implementation of the NHI.
“The 44 NHI positions will be spread among five directorates - user and service provider management; healthcare benefits and provider payment design; health product procurement; health systems digital information; and fraud management - each led by a chief director.”

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